StreetLib USA is born: Running hard with a smile on our face

Giacomo D'Angelo
Giacomo D’Angelo, CEO of StreetLib USA

Look at this face. He’s an extreme runner. With a smile on his face.

He’s Giacomo D’Angelo, 33. He’s the CTO of since 2008.
He’s moving to NYC right now, to The Bronx, ’cause I just appointed him as the CEO of the newborn StreetLib USA.

Look carefully at his face: he’s running the mountain’s snow with a smile on his face.
This is what he’s doing for us, the proud colleagues of him, for our company, and for book-lovers.
He’s doing it because this is what we are doing since June 1st 2006, 10 years ago, when I founded the company in Italy, and this is what we are very good at: RUNNING HARD WITH A SMILE ON OUR FACE.

Wish us good luck, we deserve it 🙂